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Felix is getting in on the best opportunity any xenobiology student could ever hope for - a research trip to a new, unexplored planet. But when the members of his team start mysteriously disappearing, it’s up to him to set things right with the strange alien forces at work. Is he walking straight into danger - or just the creepiest, crawliest, kinkiest ride of his life? 5000 words.

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Felix looked down, able to make sense of the pesky creature for the first time. It was only a mottled blue tentacle, exuding from a crevice in the living floor. Its textured underside slithered up his shin, up his thigh, almost up to…oh, so -this- was how the intelligence was going to heighten his brainwave output. He’d had fantasies about doing this sort of thing with a xenoform before – though that wasn’t the whole reason he went into exobio, of course – but had never managed to make it happen in real life. It was worth a shot, at least, while he was stuck down here…

‘Go right ahead,’ he thought. Not a second later did another tentacle slither up and fasten to his other leg, holding him in place. ‘Apologies again that I must restrain you. Until our minds are fully synchronized this may feel a little…intense.” Claude was right – this -was- a kinky planet. More limbs crawled out and skillfully removed his overclothes. Now he stood before the alien intelligence in only a skin-tight black exosuit which left nothing to the imagination, growing noticeably excited. Two more tentacles curled below his hands and lifted his arms up over his head; within moments the rest of him was being lifted as well. Suspended by his wrists and ankles, he hung nearly naked in the still glow of the chamber. A more specialized tentacle, slimmer and smoother than the others restraining him, made its way up to his lips. Glowing neon blue nectar was dripping from the pores at its tip.

‘Please, drink.’


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