Thursday, April 17, 2014

Story Spotlight: FOILED BY NIGHT


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Christine is the most popular sophomore on campus. She's an honor student, a fencing star, and oh yes - a beautiful vampire to boot. So you can imagine she's pretty unhappy at being assigned to work with Florian, the most annoying nerd in the class. What's worse, Florian has a crush on her, and fancies himself a 'True Dominant', too! Can a budding mistress of the night put him in his place? A sizzling jock/nerd tale with bondage, sex toys, CFNM action, verbal teasing and humiliation and more! 5000 words.

Read an excerpt under the jump!

“I don’t suppose there’s any sense trying to hide it…” He sighed and jumped onto the bed at her side, staring into Chris’ eyes. “Oh, Christine,” he pleaded, “for so long I’ve been searching for somebody…special. No, not just any girl would do – I need a true Submissive, someone unafraid to truly express herself in every area of her life...surely, you also feel the mundane college rabble is unworthy of you? The weight of the world bearing down on you? Do you, like me, grow tired of keeping your real desires caged deep inside?” He pinned her hand under his. “Permit yourself to give yourself to me, and we can explore the proper path together…”

Cringe city. Chris’ mind churned in abject horror. She couldn’t believe this dork had the gall to put her on the spot like that – and wanting her to be in that kind of relationship? It was sickening. Boiling in rage and disgust, she hit Florian with a backhanded slap to the cheek that sent his glasses flying and toppled his side onto the bed. She pounced upon his shoulders:

“Ugh! I knew you were a snake the minute I saw you,” she hissed, her voice seething. “Why the hell would I ever want to submit to you? You thought I’d just…go along with this creepy fantasy of yours? Am I what you’ve been saving your little toy collection for? Oh ho, you’ve got another thing coming…” She pulled him up by his collar, judging him with an icy stare. “Awful full of yourself, huh? Are you forgetting that I’ve got a scholarship? That I’m the star of the fencing team? That I’m more talented, more popular and better looking than you? What have you done that could possibly impress me, memorize the dictionary?” Florian was trembling. “Oh, and if you have any remaining doubts about who should be submitting to whom…” She bared her glimmering fangs and shone her eyes red in a ravenous grin which scared the boy out of his wits.

“Wasn’t counting on that, were you?”

Chris continued to dunk the nerd, vampirically; thrilled to finally give her natural urges an outlet. Florian was insufferable any time he conducted himself in public, but when he was like this – mussed up, shaking, losing, and at her mercy? Oh, he was looking tastier by the minute. “Explain yourself, worm.”

“P-pardon me, milady…”

“Oh, don’t give me that crap,” she growled, then lowered to whisper in his ear. “Guess what, nerd? Your blog fucking sucks.” It was the first time she’d heard the little loser actually whimper, and it was worth it. “Are those little stories the best that you can imagine? I don’t think you know one goddamn thing about real submission. Maybe I should give you a crash course? A prissy little control freak like you could use it.” Just then a wicked idea came to her. “Were you planning on using that little ensemble in your closet on me tonight?” The wincing boy nodded, intimidated by Chris’s stern glare. “Try it on, then. See if your fashion sense can impress me.”

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