Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Series Spotlight: HAIR&GEL

HAIR&GEL Part One: A Monstrous Hookup is available for just $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle marketplace!

My first foray into the wild world of monsterboys and monstergirls, HAIR&GEL takes place at the prestigious Albiero Academy, where every student is a little unusual. Trevor, for example, is a werewolf and a virgin to boot, until some adventurous and similarly monstrous friends show him exactly how much his talents are in demand: Jaime, a collected older slimeboy, and Judy, a tough, assertive praying mantis girl. It’s a fun, non-stop kinky free-for-all from there! This series contains both M/M and F/M action, as well as transformation, femdom, threesomes, public sex, and more!

There are three titles in this series to date (which are collected in a discount omnibus volume):

Read an excerpt from Part Two under the jump!

And before Trevor knew it, the two other students had pressed their hands to his cheeks and were taking turns in planting one-upping kisses on him. He moaned and felt his head go swimming in a never-ending makeout storm which was only escalating; Jaime letting more and more of his savory slime slide off his tongue into his friend’s mouth, Judy growing fiercer and fiercer in her nibbling of his lips. They teased and tasted Trevor relentlessly to the accompaniment of the b-movie still blaring from Jaime’s laptop, barely even noticing how the slack-limbed werewolf was slipping off the couch. “God, Jaime,” she whistled as she wiped her lips, “he’s every bit as cute as you built him up to be…”

“Believe me, he’s quite the catch. Would you have ever guessed that I was his first?” He slipped a slippery hand to caress underneath the hoodie, eliciting flustered growls out of Trevor.

“You broke in a werewolf? Jaime, you dog.” Another hand, swifter and sharper, joined the party on Trevor’s hairy chest. “What was it like?”

“Let’s just say I’ve never been as grateful for this body of mine. He fucked me every which way he could and didn’t let up until morning. Filled me. He’s a bit shy, but trust me – he’s insatiable.”

“Mmm, that’s quite a recommendation.” She turned to face the very light-headed Trevor. “Feeling furry down there – is this the night you go full…you know? I’d like to see it for myself…” She lifted up the shirt and planted a few love bites on his bare skin, making him jump. “Although…it’s okay if it isn’t, Jaime told me you were kinda touchy about that…”

“Oh no, tonight’s the night,” Jaime butted in, “you’re in luck.”

Judy took hold of Trevor’s chin and lifted, their eyes locking. “Good, good…you feeling up for a little fun with us tonight, Trevor?” The wolf boy nodded, his lips and cheeks stained with turquoise slime and black lipstick. Judy gave a deep giggle. “Let’s make ourselves a little more comfortable, then…”

She took hold of Trevor’s hoodie and lifted it straight off. The wolf boy tried to remove his tee underneath, but Judy shushed him up, beckoning him to unzip her dress first. She stood up from the couch once he had done so and with one fluid motion, slipped it off. Trevor couldn’t help but gawk at seeing the girl of his dreams strip down for him, a light green bra contrasting nicely against her dark brown skin. A matching set of leggings showed off her slender frame just as well – she was taller than either of the two boys present. But most eye-catching were her arms, long, thick and emerald chitin-plated, ridged with spines on either side. Pressing Trevor down to the couch, she placed one hand underneath his undershirt and slid it upward, the long protrusions shredding it with little effort. Trevor turned red again – undressed, Judy didn’t seem so gentle after all. “Now you keep yours on,” she addressed to Jaime, who had started to take off his vest.

“You’re the boss,” he sighed, buttoning himself back up. “And how should we start on him?”

“You start on him first, I’d like to watch.” Judy nibbled on Trevor’s lip one last time and pushed him into Jaime’s lap, taking her seat back on the coffee table.

“She likes being in charge, just go with it,” came a whisper in the wolf boy’s ear. The night’s surprises had shaken him to the point that he saw no sense in arguing. The turquoise boy continued from when they’d been interrupted before, pinning Trevor down to the couch and unbuckling the wolf boy’s jeans as they kissed. A slippery tongue traced across his lip and jawline, down his neck to his bare chest. Awash in slimy kisses, he chanced a glance over at Judy, who was letting her hand slip in under her leggings. She winked back at him. Trevor tried to shoot a cool smile in response, but was interrupted by Jaime shoving his face into the seat of his boxers. He helped himself to the quite-visible bulge, nuzzling and teasing, letting his slime soak through the fabric. Finally he wrested Trevor’s plump cock from his fly and wrapped his lips around it, its owner letting out an anticipatory bark as his length was bathed in soothing, pulsing jelly. Being able to adjust his consistency at will gave Jaime a unique edge in the blowjob game to begin with, and having a third party look in only made him more eager to go at it. Trevor wouldn’t be able to last long like this – feeling adventurous, Jaime let off and took the wolf boy’s balls into his mouth instead, massaging them with his tongue while his slime squeezed and pulsed gently. It was too much – Trevor arched his back and came all over himself with a loud howl. Falling back to Earth, he felt suddenly embarrassed for what his crush had just made to witness, and looked again to Judy as Jaime hungrily lapped it all off his hirsute body. Lucky for him, though, she was busy working herself into a frenzy.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” she drawled out. “You guys up for more? I haven’t finished yet…”

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