Wednesday, July 29, 2015


You've been craving for more... and now you're going to get it. This bundle collets three sizzling tales of ticklish domination starring YOU as the helpless victim, up against the wiles of flirty demons, humiliating bullies, sultry spies and more! Nearly 20,000 words' worth of bondage, verbal teasing, feminization, orgasm denial... and of course, the trademark excruciating full-body tickle torture you know and love. For adults only!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


On a mission to steal the blueprints for the newest piece of hi-tech military hardware, you couldn't resist climbing in for a little joyride. What rotten luck that your old partner in espionage - and lover - is waiting for you, gone rogue and licking her chops at the chance to make you laugh yourself to death!

This nearly 7,000-word story contains themes of female domination, orgasm denial, hypnosis, electro-play, and evil elaborate tickle-tentacle machines. For adults only!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015


Telling on the school bully on the last day before summer vacation might have sounded like the right thing to do at the time. It's too bad that no good nerd goes unpunished - especially ticklish ones - and revenge is a bitch! With the help of her best friends, a few toys, and a very girly dress, she's out to give you a kinky commencement bash you'll never forget...

This all-new story features over 6000 words of merciless POV bullying, teasing, and tickle torture - for mature readers only!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015


You thought your first hunting mission for the Church would be a cakewalk - especially when you see what a pipsqueak demon it is that you're up against. But things go awry, and before long she's got you strung up with no hopes of escape. And with the knowledge of your most sinful fetish in hand, she's set on making you pay for your trespassing... until you laugh your very soul away!

Over 6000 enticingly infernal words' worth of taunting, teasing, and tickling to spare. For adults only!

★ Read it right now on your browser, kindle or phone for $2.99! ★ 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New, BIG collection and exclusive new story! TICKLISH DISCIPLINE: 12 FEMDOM FETISH FANTASIES

You can run, but you can't hide... not if you're the least bit ticklish, that is. And if the thought of trembling, submissive young bodies being bound, teased, and tormented to the point of cackling exhaustion by cruelly inventive women of every stripe strikes your fancy, then you'd be best to surrender right this minute! Over 70,000 words' worth of indulgent erotic tickling tales - with plenty of humiliation, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, foot worship and more to go around. Playful at heart, but sizzlingly sensual nonetheless.

Contains: the complete contents of the "Tentacle Tickle Slave", "Trials Of Tickle Witch Hill" and "Ticklish Interrogations" series, as well as "Hypnotized By The Ticklebot", "Eri's Ticklish Trials" (from "Lust In The Stars") and "The Giantesses' Tickle Toy" - a sweltering, all-new POV story exclusive to this collection! 12 titles to make you laugh in all the right ways, for one discount price. Curious? There's never been a better time to take a long barefoot stroll on the ticklish side of life...

For mature audiences only. All scenarios depicted are between consenting adults over the age of 18.

★ Read it right now on your browser, kindle or phone for $5.99! ★

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If you've ever daydreamed of dominant women putting you in your place, than chances are you've got a file down below - and it's in Doriana's cabinet. And now that this most faithful administrative servant of Hell has earned a trip to the mortal world, those dreams just might come true if you're not careful! With her assertive charms, killer curves and truly wicked imagination, she's set to carve a trail of temptation through a sleepy college town, with each new conquest kinkier than the last. But will taming her suitors really be as easy as this devilish domme thinks? Will her appetite for their submission ever truly be sated? And will "Dory" give in to the most mortal sin of all - actually getting work done over vacation?

From the dirty mind behind LUST IN THE STARS and the co-author of SCHOOLED IN SUBMISSION comes a wild and outrageous new novella, brand-new and not published anywhere else! Featuring a veritable A-Z of tastes to cater to: bondage, crossdressing, chastity, CFNM, CBT, dirty talk, humiliation, foot worship, oral sex, orgasm denial, spanking, strap-ons and toys, threesomes and foursomes, transformation, tentacles and more! For mature audiences only. Words: 40,000!

Cover Illustration: T. Alba

★Read it on your browser, kindle, or phone right now for only $3.99 USD!★

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They know what you did. They know all your secrets. They're mean women with grievances to air, and helpless captives to air them on, one set of skittering fingers at a time.They know just what to do to make you laugh until you break - and you will! It's pure tickle torture that you've gone and earned for yourself, and there's no one to help pull you out of it this time... T

his bundle collects "Cheaters Get Tickled!", "Thieves Get Tickled!" and "Hackers Get Tickled!" - three outrageous stories of teasing teachers, cruel queens and sinister cyberdommes, all with ticklish intents, and all with you in the hot seat! So make like a good pet and wither under their humiliating taunts... for one low price! For mature readers only. Words: 15,000+!