Monday, June 16, 2014



Cover illustration - T. Alba

Ashley continues on his travels through the Octants, this time to a scenic seaside resort where two handsome aquatic monsterboys take it upon themselves to freshen him up. But it's not all fun in the sun for our hero - a mysterious stranger is hunting him down, and he might just be walking into the most tantalizingly torturous trap there is! Can he sweat it through to make it out alive?

Contains: Bondage, tentacles, orgasm denial. For adults only! Words: 6000

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And that's not all! As a special treat, from tomorrow 'til Thursday (6/17-6/19), two of my older stories will be available FREE to download!
  • HELLISH MANEUVERS (M/M, Demon, BDSM): Lansei is a high general in the infernal forces with big plans for Hell - the only thing stopping him is his Lord's cold-blooded, troublesome advisor. But is his new rival really there to quibble over logistics, or to argue more...intimate matters? A satanically sizzling short story that will leave you wondering who's dominating who! 5000 words.
  • TEASE HIM 'TIL HE SWEATS (M/F, Supernatural, Femdom): Keith is a serious college student with only his muscles on his mind. He lives for the thrill of working out, so much so that it makes his day when he discovers an abandoned gym where he can practice his craft in solitude. But things are too good to be true - for one thing, it's haunted as hell, by a mean, drop-dead sexy ghost who's dead set on punishing her intruder with the workout of his life! A sizzling short story of intense physical, mental, and spiritual female domination - featuring bondage, orgasm denial, verbal teasing, pegging and more! 6700 words.
If you've been wanting to give my smut a shot but have found yourself short on funds, now's your perfect chance to acquire the taste. Don't miss it!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014



Cover illustration: T. Alba

The many lands of the Eight Octants are filled with strange magic...and strange creatures that blur the lines between man and beast. They're also the home of Ashley, a wandering young mage saddled with a most terrible secret - he's only able to use his magic when things get hot and heavy first! When the keepers of a magical treasure he seeks turn out to share a two-headed, scaly, seductive secret between them, will his charms and his budding powers be enough to save him from being burnt to a crisp? This 6500-word short story features shifters, knotting and rough M/M sex involving dragons. For adults only!

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