Wednesday, April 22, 2015


They know what you did. They know all your secrets. They're mean women with grievances to air, and helpless captives to air them on, one set of skittering fingers at a time.They know just what to do to make you laugh until you break - and you will! It's pure tickle torture that you've gone and earned for yourself, and there's no one to help pull you out of it this time... T

his bundle collects "Cheaters Get Tickled!", "Thieves Get Tickled!" and "Hackers Get Tickled!" - three outrageous stories of teasing teachers, cruel queens and sinister cyberdommes, all with ticklish intents, and all with you in the hot seat! So make like a good pet and wither under their humiliating taunts... for one low price! For mature readers only. Words: 15,000+!

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