Wednesday, April 22, 2015


If you've ever daydreamed of dominant women putting you in your place, than chances are you've got a file down below - and it's in Doriana's cabinet. And now that this most faithful administrative servant of Hell has earned a trip to the mortal world, those dreams just might come true if you're not careful! With her assertive charms, killer curves and truly wicked imagination, she's set to carve a trail of temptation through a sleepy college town, with each new conquest kinkier than the last. But will taming her suitors really be as easy as this devilish domme thinks? Will her appetite for their submission ever truly be sated? And will "Dory" give in to the most mortal sin of all - actually getting work done over vacation?

From the dirty mind behind LUST IN THE STARS and the co-author of SCHOOLED IN SUBMISSION comes a wild and outrageous new novella, brand-new and not published anywhere else! Featuring a veritable A-Z of tastes to cater to: bondage, crossdressing, chastity, CFNM, CBT, dirty talk, humiliation, foot worship, oral sex, orgasm denial, spanking, strap-ons and toys, threesomes and foursomes, transformation, tentacles and more! For mature audiences only. Words: 40,000!

Cover Illustration: T. Alba

★Read it on your browser, kindle, or phone right now for only $3.99 USD!★

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