Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TENTACLE TICKLE SLAVE gets a makeover!

With a new installment in the works, I decided to splurge and commission something special from the talented distressedegg to make your reading experience even more tickly and tentacular. If you haven't sunken your teeth into TENTACLE TICKLE SLAVE or TENTACLE TICKLE SLAVE: THE NEW BREED yet, now is a better time than ever! The continuity in this series is a bit looser than in my others, and each can be safely read as a stand-alone. I hope you find that these shiny new covers enhance the enticing tales of peril contained within!

(Note: apart from a new author info section with updated links, the text of these stories have not been changed, only the covers)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014



When a mean space pirate queen goes on a lookout in the underworld for someone who can fix her shipboard computer, she doesn't expect to find her man in the shape of a buff avian alien hacker with skills and thrills to spare! Only problem is, he's never done it with a human before. And he's got a lot of ropes to learn and orders to follow to the letter if he has any hope of earning his keep...

Lesath & Shaula, the dynamic interspecies duo from LUST IN THE STARS: THE TWIN SUNS and LUST IN THE STARS: DOMME VERSUS DOMME, star for the first time in their very own adventure! This side story takes place a few years before the other stories, and can safely be read as a stand-alone. Contains alien-human relations, size difference, female domination, tease and denial, facesitting, fisting, as well as kinky knot and egg-laying action! (though perhaps knot like you would eggs-pect...)

Words: 12,000+

Buy this title to read it on your kindle, phone, or even right at home in your browser for only $2.99 on Amazon!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Discount Collections: MEAN LADIES


Do you prefer your smut to come with a side of stunning, seriously tough women with zero qualms about getting exactly what they want? Do you have an unquenchable hankering for seeing trembling boys being teased, broken and made to serve? Then you're in luck, because do we have the collection for you: three sizzling quirky, relentless and seriously kinky stand-alone tales of ruthless female domination at the hands of vampires, monster girls, and space pirates! Whether you spring for good dommes or bad dommes, you'll find something to love in this special discount package. Featuring, but not limited to: verbal humiliation, bondage, orgasm denial, crossdressing, spanking, CFNM action, public sex and more! ABSOLUTELY FOR ADULTS ONLY and absolutely not to be missed!

MEAN LADIES is a sampler platter of my femdom-themed stories, collecting three previously published works - over 15,000 words - for one low price! This collection includes:
Buy this title to read it on your kindle, phone, or even right at home in your browser for only $3.99 on Amazon! 

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Saturday, April 19, 2014



Buy this eBook title for just $2.99 on Amazon, or bundled with 2 other tickling fetish stories for just a dollar more!

Jean has a problem: nothing gets his gears going like the thought of being sensually tickled, but his body isn't ticklish at all! Stranded with his wife on a research mission to a desolate world, he can't help but dwell on the facts. Lucky for him, though, that his wife isn't just any woman - no, she's a fearless AI alien amazon goddess who'll stop at nothing to finally get him laughing. Will a rather experimental program do the trick? Light mind control play and intense foot and upper body tickle torture abound in this fun and kinky sci-fi short story! Length: 5000 words.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Story Spotlight: FOILED BY NIGHT


Buy this title for $2.99 on Amazon, or as part of the MEAN LADIES ANTHOLOGY for just a dollar more!

Christine is the most popular sophomore on campus. She's an honor student, a fencing star, and oh yes - a beautiful vampire to boot. So you can imagine she's pretty unhappy at being assigned to work with Florian, the most annoying nerd in the class. What's worse, Florian has a crush on her, and fancies himself a 'True Dominant', too! Can a budding mistress of the night put him in his place? A sizzling jock/nerd tale with bondage, sex toys, CFNM action, verbal teasing and humiliation and more! 5000 words.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Read this eBook title for just $2.99 on Amazon!

After Heaven and Hell slugged it out, all sorts of stolen property and supernatural refugees found their ways into the waking world. And with an uneasy Truce in the air, it's up to the two finest cops in the celestial system to sort things out!

In this first lust-filled installment, Celestial detectives Paul - a rowdy angel - and Spike - a smartass demon - must recover a prized and haunted '58 Fury for their bosses. But to do it, they're going to have to go through Evelyne Hell - over six feet tall, she's the sexiest, meanest, and most dominant woman to ever run a used car dealership! Not to mention, she's got some secrets of her own...

Contains femdom, pegging, bondage, shifters, transformation, and the supernatural! Words: Over 15 thousand! 18+ readers only.

This is my first collaboration with T. Bell, a fellow erotica author and kindred spirit. Keep your eyes open for more installments of this exciting and enticing series!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Free Story Spotlight: MOBILE SUIT FEMDOM

The top-secret GEHEIM program is Earth’s last line of defense against alien invaders - so what’s to be done when it’s most powerful battle mech can’t synch up with it’s beautiful and demanding new pilot? Is it just a technical issue, or are there deeper passions at play? One way or the other, this hunk of metal is going to have to learn the REAL meaning of control - by any means necessary!

Fans of strong women and giant robots will enjoy this kinky, anime-flavored short story, filled with female domination, tease and denial, psychic sex and more! 5700+ words, FOR ADULTS ONLY.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Purchase this title for just $2.99 on Amazon!

One year after the first expedition to Aramidda B-III, Isobel, one of the survivors, is studying one of its native fauna in captivity for her doctorate. But when Kim, her lab assistant, gets too curious and dives in to meet it, he finds out he’s the REAL guinea pig of this experiment! Will this hapless, horny, deathly ticklish boy be strong enough to endure the onslaught of a thousand slithering, slippery, seriously starved tentacles….as well as the utterly humiliating punishment Isobel has in store for him later? Or will he just laugh himself to death?

This short story features intense foot and upper body tickling, alien-human relations, telepathy, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, living clothes and more! 5700+ words, and STRICTLY FOR ADULTS ONLY.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Story Spotlight: MAKE IT GO VIRAL

This title is available for just $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle marketplace!

What would you give to become the next internet superstar? For one struggling social media consultant, the offer is his body…and his soul. But will his new, demonically-inspired memes usher in fame and fortune, or simply hell on earth? An outrageously naughty update of the Faust legend featuring corruption, oral and anal action, orgies and more! 5000 words.

This story also appears in a discount-priced anthology of demon-themed M/M stories I’ve written! Read an excerpt under the jump:

Series Spotlight: HAIR&GEL

HAIR&GEL Part One: A Monstrous Hookup is available for just $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle marketplace!

My first foray into the wild world of monsterboys and monstergirls, HAIR&GEL takes place at the prestigious Albiero Academy, where every student is a little unusual. Trevor, for example, is a werewolf and a virgin to boot, until some adventurous and similarly monstrous friends show him exactly how much his talents are in demand: Jaime, a collected older slimeboy, and Judy, a tough, assertive praying mantis girl. It’s a fun, non-stop kinky free-for-all from there! This series contains both M/M and F/M action, as well as transformation, femdom, threesomes, public sex, and more!

There are three titles in this series to date (which are collected in a discount omnibus volume):

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This title is available for just $2.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store!

Keith is a serious college student with only his muscles on his mind. He lives for the thrill of working out, so much so that it makes his day when he discovers an abandoned gym where he can practice his craft in solitude. But things are too good to be true - for one thing, it’s haunted as hell, by a mean, drop-dead sexy ghost who’s dead set on punishing her intruder with the workout of his life! A sizzling short story of intense physical, mental, and spiritual female domination - featuring bondage, orgasm denial, verbal teasing, pegging and more!

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This title is available for just $2.99 in the Amazon kindle store!

Felix is getting in on the best opportunity any xenobiology student could ever hope for - a research trip to a new, unexplored planet. But when the members of his team start mysteriously disappearing, it’s up to him to set things right with the strange alien forces at work. Is he walking straight into danger - or just the creepiest, crawliest, kinkiest ride of his life? 5000 words.

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