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One year after the first expedition to Aramidda B-III, Isobel, one of the survivors, is studying one of its native fauna in captivity for her doctorate. But when Kim, her lab assistant, gets too curious and dives in to meet it, he finds out he’s the REAL guinea pig of this experiment! Will this hapless, horny, deathly ticklish boy be strong enough to endure the onslaught of a thousand slithering, slippery, seriously starved tentacles….as well as the utterly humiliating punishment Isobel has in store for him later? Or will he just laugh himself to death?

This short story features intense foot and upper body tickling, alien-human relations, telepathy, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, living clothes and more! 5700+ words, and STRICTLY FOR ADULTS ONLY.

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His finger stopped itself a hairs’ breadth before it touched the spongy skin of the sample. He’d heard someone. But how? No one else was here, and he was underwater for crying out loud. And yet he’d heard the greeting crystal clear. Or had he really heard it? He hadn’t, on second thought. It was only an impulse he’d felt in his mind. Telepathy? He’d read about that sort of thing before when it came to other xenospecies. But from this puny thing? There’d been no indication to date in the experiments that the sample was sentient – things definitely would have been more exciting around the lab if there was.

“Hello. Feel. Want.”

Okay, he definitely didn’t just imagine that. Apparently this little sea cucumber had been keeping secrets from him – secrets it was ready to spill the beans on now, if inadequately. Its attempts to form the thought equivalent of a complete sentence in Kim’s brain were strained at best, and he struggled to grab some meaning out of it. Did it want him to touch it? His plan was coming along way better than expected. Maybe he and Vilna II both wanted out of this whole deal after all. Cautious not to damage it, he closed his grasp around a tentacle – and it stiffened. Kim laughed with his mouth full of the strange blue liquid, the resemblance to human functions obvious. But then his mind felt another interjection.

“Feel. Feed. Stay. Good.”

And without warning it coiled tight around his arm, giving the boy a shock. But Kim realized that this new acquaintance couldn’t possibly hurt him, and for once in his life his sense of experimental patience won out. Its touch was slippery, yet still constricting. Finally, something exciting was happening. He was so caught up in the sight in the sight of the crimson, speckled appendage coiling around his limb that he failed to notice the fluffy frond sneaking its way under his arm…

He let out another laugh, this time of a different cause. The sample was tickling him! It kept going, teasing his exposed flesh and making his suspended body jerk around until he was floating upside down over its body.

"Stay. Feel. Feel."

Was the creature just playing friendly with him? This was an odd way to do it. But that voice inside his head was calming him – not telling him to calm, calming him. It was strange, he’d never been even the least bit ticklish before. But circumstances demanded that he should humor this new host at first, at least at first, and he didn’t protest. Meeting no resistance, a second tentacle wrapped around his other arm. Now he was alarmed - this had to be more than a simple greeting, he was sure. Was it testing him, for weakness or for ill intent? In any case, he was in a bad position to make it upset, and as his giggling threatened to burst forth he concentrated on keeping his composure.

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