Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Discount Collections: MEAN LADIES


Do you prefer your smut to come with a side of stunning, seriously tough women with zero qualms about getting exactly what they want? Do you have an unquenchable hankering for seeing trembling boys being teased, broken and made to serve? Then you're in luck, because do we have the collection for you: three sizzling quirky, relentless and seriously kinky stand-alone tales of ruthless female domination at the hands of vampires, monster girls, and space pirates! Whether you spring for good dommes or bad dommes, you'll find something to love in this special discount package. Featuring, but not limited to: verbal humiliation, bondage, orgasm denial, crossdressing, spanking, CFNM action, public sex and more! ABSOLUTELY FOR ADULTS ONLY and absolutely not to be missed!

MEAN LADIES is a sampler platter of my femdom-themed stories, collecting three previously published works - over 15,000 words - for one low price! This collection includes:
Buy this title to read it on your kindle, phone, or even right at home in your browser for only $3.99 on Amazon! 

Read an excerpt under the jump! (And be on the lookout for a sequel volume, coming soon...)


“You got some fucking nerve for a mangy little dog. We’ll see if you’re still so insolent once you’re just as naked as one.” She clasped tightly around his jaw. “Take your clothes off. Now.”

“Make me,” he barked. Judy brandished her spines, threatening to shred his shirt off the way she had at Jaime’s place a few nights prior.

“You either act nice and obey me or you walk home naked tonight, boy. Two choices.”

Just to humor her, he pulled off his shirt as Judy unbuckled him and swiftly removed his jeans in one go. But even lying nearly naked on the floor in front of the fearsome mantis girl didn’t wipe the grin off his face. In fact, it only made him laugh harder.

This was unforgivable. “I’ll show you funny,” she roared, taking hold of his arms and sliding him back against the carpet, accidentally bonking the back of his head against the leg of the nearby table. It stunned him for a second, but Judy took the opportunity to tie his wrists tight together behind the wooden leg with the cloth she’d removed from her hair. The wolf boy was left trapped, sitting upright on the floor as drops of blood fell from his nose down to his lightly-furred chest. But he was still defiant. He stared up at her, grinning, laughing, with eyes glowing and – his boxers failed to hide it – hard as a rock. Judy surveyed her handiwork, one hand on her hip and the other behind her back.

“Ha! Is that the best you can do?” Just a few days earlier he’d had an innocent little crush on this girl, and now…

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