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When a mean space pirate queen goes on a lookout in the underworld for someone who can fix her shipboard computer, she doesn't expect to find her man in the shape of a buff avian alien hacker with skills and thrills to spare! Only problem is, he's never done it with a human before. And he's got a lot of ropes to learn and orders to follow to the letter if he has any hope of earning his keep...

Lesath & Shaula, the dynamic interspecies duo from LUST IN THE STARS: THE TWIN SUNS and LUST IN THE STARS: DOMME VERSUS DOMME, star for the first time in their very own adventure! This side story takes place a few years before the other stories, and can safely be read as a stand-alone. Contains alien-human relations, size difference, female domination, tease and denial, facesitting, fisting, as well as kinky knot and egg-laying action! (though perhaps knot like you would eggs-pect...)

Words: 12,000+

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Read an excerpt under the jump:

“So? You think you can work with it?”

The xenohacker struggled to get a closer look – squeezing his bulk into the Ghilom’s decidedly compact CPU control chamber was no easy matter, even with the thin, floating access bench still somehow in working order. He had stuffed himself in, his eyes fixed towards a viewport which displayed only the emptiness of the void outside. The actual hangars in Al Dhanab were always crowded, and this woman had eschewed them in favor of a simple transport-cable tether through which he likewise had barely been able to fit himself through. It took some effort to turn to his head to the equipment which lined the tubular walls, and the sight was a dreadful shock. This customer simply wasn’t the technical type at all – the dusty, rundown components were all of different make and model, and most of them were attached with what were clearly the wrong cables, if they weren’t just out and out taped together. Frankly, she was lucky her ship was still flying at all, and that no vital functions had suddenly shut themselves down. But a prospective job was still a prospective job, and whether or not she could or would pay, she was offering him more for it than the usually puny share of winnings he earned from streaming fights for the gambling crowd. If only he’d opted to stay with that Polarian crew after all. If only he wasn’t so huge.

“You sure I’m the best…unf…fit for the task?” His voice was deep, but with a certain foppish, thin-edged flutter to it. Not too far off from the human standard, but just enough to be noticeable.

 “Just tell me if you know the system, okay? Can you work with it?”

“I can barely even see the output screen! Give me a minute already!”

Shaula crossed her arms and groaned, but obliged. It wasn’t like either of them had anywhere else specific to be. And besides, this way the more bored alleys of her mind could take their time sizing this guest up. Having never seen an Ektilan’s rear end before, she entertained herself by trying to discern its shape from under the drooping overcoat that still clung to its owner as he wriggled busily in the tube. She could have been wrong, but as far as xeno butts went, it didn’t even look half bad. At least it resembled something, and wasn’t an amorphous blob like that of the last guy she’d taken aboard. Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course, but in trying times like these her tastes couldn’t help but swing towards the more familiar. “What’s your name, anyway?”

“It’s Lesath, and that’s the third time you’ve asked me that since we met! It’s no wonder you need my help, if you’re that forgetful.”

“Oh can it, Les. I’ve been having a pretty rough fucking day while you’ve just been sitting around.”

“Excuse me? Do you think I do what I do because it’s easy? Maintaining a cyberlink requires constant attention and utter concentration. If I’d broke part for even a second I could have been jacked into by the cops or who knows else! Dire consequences.”

“Yeah, yeah. Shut up and work.” She never was much good at making small talk, least of all when her eyes set to ogling. Fuck, she thought to herself, why did I ever think staying cooped up in this fucking station would be a good idea? I know I’d end up like this. And it was true. Hell, how long had it been since she had got any action? Not for a while. Certainly not any good action since the Owl, at least – the girl whose footsteps she still found herself following, to middling success. What would she do in this situation?

“Urgh. Sorry, but I simply can’t fit in like this.” With no small amount of effort, Les struggled his way back out into the perpetually untidy control deck and tried not to stare too much at his surroundings. At least his clothes wouldn’t look too out of place on the ground. “My apologies. It’s just a space thing, nothing personal.” Piece by piece he stripped.

“No, no, go ahead. I know all about…space…things…” The  gears of her thought process ground to a halt as Les reluctantly shrugged off the jacket, and his trousers as well. The first impression she’d got from his butt had – against all odds – turned out to be correct. Quite correct. In his skivvies, Les didn’t look entirely human. He looked better. She was too focused on her technical difficulties to not notice it earlier, but now she had nothing better to do than soak in the sight. Why did this guy bother with such dorky hacker getup, when he was positively ripped underneath? Thick muscles bulged out against his skin in patterns that were just unfamiliar enough to tantalize. And then there was the soft grey down that covered him – she couldn’t help but imagine soothing her fight-worn hands by running them through it. Holy stars, she thought, how long exactly have I gone without? I just wanted him to fix my ship up, and now I wanna fucking devour him! And then another voice in her head, one which had been subtly nagging her for quite some time, had its say.

Maybe you are different from her. Maybe you can’t go at it alone like she can, after all.
There it was again, her reasonable side. Most times she regarded it as a spoilsport, but this time she could glimpse its point. Having someone like Les travel with her could prove a valuable asset, if just for the intimidation factor alone - once a change in his wardrobe had been instituted, of course. But currently, she could tell he wanted to only stay around long enough to get his money and leave. She would have to reel him in somehow. And as she watched those muscular alien cheeks and thighs flex as he worked, she knew she had to act fast. Oh well, she was no stranger to being forward – and desperate times called for desperate measures...

(Cover Illustration - T. Alba)

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