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Jean has a problem: nothing gets his gears going like the thought of being sensually tickled, but his body isn't ticklish at all! Stranded with his wife on a research mission to a desolate world, he can't help but dwell on the facts. Lucky for him, though, that his wife isn't just any woman - no, she's a fearless AI alien amazon goddess who'll stop at nothing to finally get him laughing. Will a rather experimental program do the trick? Light mind control play and intense foot and upper body tickle torture abound in this fun and kinky sci-fi short story! Length: 5000 words.

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Her husband went cold all of a sudden, recoiling at the very sound of the word. “Tickling? What do you mean? When did I – when did you – how long have you known about that?” he stuttered.

She reached out and touched his hand. “Honey, don’t act so ashamed. You know I can’t help but see all the astronet activity that goes on here – I’m tuned to the same frequency, so to speak. I know it’s something you’re interested in. I’ve read your stories. What’s keeping you from…you know…wanting to try it with me?”

He went still and turned bright red for a minute, and then sighed and rolled over his side. “Because…because it’s no use. I’m not ticklish. Not even a tiny bit.”

“What if I could make you ticklish?”

Jean perked right back up. “Huh?”

“Or at least make you think you are. I found an app online that…”

“Wait, wait,” he turned back over to face her again. “You’re not saying you want to hypnotize me or anything, are you?”

“Uh…sorta?” She twiddled her mechanical thumbs. “I mean, I know it sounds weird but it’s worth a shot…”

What on earth was she talking about? She’d come up with some strange ideas before, but this took the cake. “Kelsey, we’re scientists! We can’t go spending our stay here trying out…trying out whatever snake oil you dredged up from the astronet! Doesn’t the whole idea seem kind of sketchy to you?”

“If we’re such scientists, then we’ll just chalk it up as an experiment, won’t we? Lord knows we’ve been aching for something important to do. It’s just between you and me. And it won’t work unless you cooperate. Come on, it’s better than nothing.”

“Well…alright, if you say so. But just this once.” He stared up at the ceiling as Kelsey crawled over to straddle him. Her mechanical body was surprisingly lightweight given its bulk, but enough to effectively pin him to the bed.

“Heh, I knew you’d come around.”

“Yeah, yeah. What do I have to do for this, anything special?”

“Nope, not at all. Just lie still and relax…”

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