Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Story Spotlight: MAKE IT GO VIRAL

This title is available for just $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle marketplace!

What would you give to become the next internet superstar? For one struggling social media consultant, the offer is his body…and his soul. But will his new, demonically-inspired memes usher in fame and fortune, or simply hell on earth? An outrageously naughty update of the Faust legend featuring corruption, oral and anal action, orgies and more! 5000 words.

This story also appears in a discount-priced anthology of demon-themed M/M stories I’ve written! Read an excerpt under the jump:

The demon cocked his head. “’Sign?’”

“You know, on the dotted line. I guess in my own blood, if you want it that way…”

An infernal laugh. “Oh, thou art mistaken. We hath always preferred the contract to be sealed by a more…physical agreement.”

Chad’s body felt a flash of painless heat. He looked around – his clothes had been entirely singed off. His lean frame now fully exposed to the hellish visitor, he quickly moved to cover up. The demon chuckled again. “No sense being modest, Sire. Already the very depths of your soul you hath bared fully to me.” He slipped off his own robes in turn. “Fear not. In this manner hath the bargain been struck since time immemorial.” The memesmith was quaking, but couldn’t stop from gawking. Whether it was an illusory form or not, the demon was nearly statuesque in his beauty, a flawless set of muscles rippling under the marble skin. In fact, the horns and the newly revealed spade-tipped tail accented the look rather nicely. And then there was the matter which was swinging between his sturdy thighs…yes, the infernal powers had endowed him well for the task, indeed.

“Understandest thou, that what you ask requireth the offer of thy body as well as thy soul, now and forever to the legions of Hell?” It was Chad’s last chance to back out. He took a deep breath:

“I do. I understand fully.”

“Very well. Then thou shalt service me before all else.” With the trappings of the room now glowing of their own accord in ungodly sigils, the demon approached the kneeling mortal. “Let it be known, in this day and hour,” the demon intoned to the empty air, “that the man before me has entered of his own free will into infernal contract with I, Lord Haagenti, commander of three and thirty of Your demonic legions, and by extension to Your Lordship and to all souls which lie fallen in Hell. He and I hath both consented to the terms of this most ancient pact; I inquire on You, Lord Lucifer, to render it eternal and final.”

Satan himself answered his call, a skeletal throne materializing behind the demon as Haagenti’s body assumed a pale glow and his wicked cock rose to attention. Taking his seat, he gripped it by the base and beckoned to Chad. “Now, mortal, comes thy place in the rite. Tend.” The demon held his head still forcefully as he spoke, letting his length nuzzle teasingly along Chad’s lips and cheek. Despite his statuesque appearance, he was quite warm to the touch.

Unable to hold back, the enticed mortal slid back the loose skin, took Haagenti’s head between his lips and sucked in sharply, his own modest prick twitching as he knelt. He fit his two hands around the shaft and stroked away, feeling devilish ridges and veins bump across his palms. The demon was big, alright, but manageably so, and didn’t taste half bad either – no hint of sulfur at all, to Chad’s surprise. As the demon lord trained his mighty hands on the back of his head, he lost himself in his work with ceremonial fury. Certainly, it made for a more exciting ritual than just signing a plain paper contract. Slowly he swallowed more and more in, a tinge of satanic magic making it easier to take against his throat. He let it slide out for a second, threads of spit and precome dripping from his tongue, and looked up; the unflappable devil was growing worked up in earnest now, glowing redder and redder by the minute. Eager to please, Chad resumed his work more intently than before. His palms twirled and sloshed against the glistening tip as Haagenti let out infernal moans. The demon’s nectar spilled over his chin as he drank, worshipping his new business partner with all his strength and reveling in the sheer sin of it all. Finally, with his cock firmly buried in Chad’s willing mouth, the summoned one could take no more. Roaring and shaking and glowing like an ember, he came, and trickles of his darkly sacred seed spilled out from the mortal’s lips. Chad was surprised at how, well, heavenly he tasted, and dutifully drank down every drop. The pact was sealed.

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