Tuesday, April 1, 2014


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Keith is a serious college student with only his muscles on his mind. He lives for the thrill of working out, so much so that it makes his day when he discovers an abandoned gym where he can practice his craft in solitude. But things are too good to be true - for one thing, it’s haunted as hell, by a mean, drop-dead sexy ghost who’s dead set on punishing her intruder with the workout of his life! A sizzling short story of intense physical, mental, and spiritual female domination - featuring bondage, orgasm denial, verbal teasing, pegging and more!

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As soon as his thoughts started turning, she let out a haughty giggle at his expense. “My, never taken orders before, have we? Oh, Keith. That’s the problem with being self-taught. I know it all too well.” That ethereal hand was playing with his chin now. “You’re used to pushing yourself, and relying on yourself…but when you do, you doubt yourself as well. Are you really hitting your limits? Are they the right limits, if you are? Oh, those doubts build and build, and that’s how we get unfortunate little lapses of indulgence. Because when we’re lost in the wilderness, when all we have to listen to are ourselves…well, we lose sight of our proper place. Don’t you agree?” The chain loosened up a link, but yet Keith wasn’t able to budge for all the world. Not when this strange woman was pulling him apart with all the effort of a child pulling petals off a daisy. “I can understand, though. Not many people would be up to the job of training you. It’s a rare breed that’s as passionate as you are. But still, I think I’d like a try.” A feeling like a cold electric shock came over him, and he buckled as the sprit closed her teeth around his earlobe. “So let me take control for today. I’ll show you who’s boss of this gym.”

A tempting proposal, but Keith still had some fight left in him. “Yeah?” he grunted, teeth still grit hard against the spirit chain. “And what’s in it for you?”

“Oh? What, seeing a big strong guy like you wear himself out until he’s aching all over and begging me for mercy isn’t enough of a reward in itself?” She giggled again, clearly looking forward to her revenge – but still, a challenge was a challenge. And Keith simply hadn’t faced a challenge quite like this before. What walls would he be pressing up against this time?

“No, I haven’t had the opportunity for a spot of fun like this in years. So what do you say? I can make every muscle on that body of yours start singing…”

And what else could Keith say? Being dominated by a sexy ghost…he’d never done anything this kinky, but it sounded like something he’d regret for the rest of his life if he turned the chance down.

“I’m game. Train me already.”

Wendy flashed a wicked grin. “Not as eager as I’d have preferred, but we’ll fix that soon enough. Now, first thing’s first…”

With a snap of her fingers, Keith was about to find out just how intent on control this strange woman was. Head still forced upwards in his awkward position, he couldn’t even watch as a strange, binding sensation snaked down the length of his cock – which, he realized in horror, had been rock hard this whole time. The fact surely hadn’t escaped Wendy’s knowledge, and he grimaced as she performed her wicked work. Before long, the chain holding him taut dissolved into a wisp of smoke, and like a rubber band he snapped back onto the ground.

The first thing he saw when he rolled over was Wendy floating over his lap, grinning away. She was holding one end of a new spirit chain, a thinner one, one which – Keith turned white as a sheet at the sight – had wrapped itself around his length, just tight enough to be uncomfortable. A few heavy ornamental padlocks even hung off of it, to leave nothing ambiguous about just what he had signed up for. “The fuck did you do to me?” he cried.

“Tsk, tsk. Language!” She gave a sharp tug, making her captive cry out in discomfort. “Just a little enchantment to keep your mind firmly at the task at hand.”

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