Sunday, July 27, 2014


Collecting the first three stories of the college femdom sensation, Schooled in Submission tells the ongoing story of Johnathan Ashby, who, by chance, stumbles upon his university’s naughtiest secret - a ring of the female teachers run a secret club of dominating eager submissive students, and giving them extracurricular lessons of their own! Learning a new lesson from each teacher, Johnny hopes to eventually meet the dean herself… but first he has to pass all his other classes! In volume 1, he gets heels driven into him by his calculus professors, sweat into an exhaustion and tied up proper by his gym coach, and given a trip to a sado/masochist paradise from, of all people, his home economics teacher!

Featuing over 25 thousand words of red hot femdom stories, including high heels, bondage, pegging, spanking, uniforms, humiliation, waxplay, and the hottest dommy college professors to do it all!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Johnathan Ashby has been initiated into the secret club of his college - where it is revealed that a horde of the women on the staff are actually deeply, deeply into dominating their students and giving them an extra curricular course in how to be the perfect pet! At his third lesson, Johnny is introduced to the person who may be the most sadistic of the teachers, but you wouldn't be able to tell - short, curvy, mature, and utterly cheerful Paula Prindy, home economics teacher, who is full of of love and care and cheer. But as Johnny is about to find out, she's also fond of hearing cute students squeal and beg for more pain! Can he hold out, and learn to love the pain enough to pass his hardest class yet?

Contains femdom, BDSM, waxplay, spanking, humiliation, and much more! Words: Over 11 thousand! 18+ Readers only.

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Monday, July 14, 2014


Johnathan Ashby has stumbled onto one incredible secret of his college - a circle of teachers who take in and train eager students in the art and pleasures of being dominated by a woman! His first encounter taking place with his Calculus professor, who inducted him in as their freshest recruit, gave him his first lesson, and outfitted him with the collar he’d be wearing as he tried to pass all of his new classes in submission. Today brings him to the gymnasium of 6’3, musclebound gym teacher and coach Mayumi Hayashi, who’s there to give him the stamina he’ll need to withstand the punishments of ever teacher ahead of him - while teaching him a few lessons of his own! Can John withstand the workout of a lifetime from such a powerful woman…?

Featuring femdom, bondage, workout exhaustion, humiliation, sports uniforms, muscle worship, spanking, and so much more, and clocking in at over 10 thousand words of reading, this is sure to satisfy those who like to be, or like to see, boys getting bossed around and then some!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

New Bundle! THE PRETTYBOY MAGE: Parts I-III Collection

Cover illustration - T. Alba

In the Eight Octants, magic and monsters reign supreme. And through them wanders Ashley Cherveni, a curious redheaded young man with a grumpy feline familiar by his side - on a quest both to learn the secrets of the land, and to outrun his past. Oh, and also to get himself tied up, hypnotized into submission and screwed senseless by every powerful, exotic creature he meets along the way!

This discount bundle collects three previously published chapters in the series, featuring over 20,000 words' worth of shifters, slime, dragons, tentacles, bondage, knotting and more! For adults only. Read an excerpt under the jump!

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Monday, July 7, 2014



Cover illustration - T. Alba

Ashley finally learns the identity of the mysterious man hunting him down - it's a figure from his past, out to return the wandering mage to the life he left behind! But is he really doing it on behalf of the authorities...or for personal reasons? When they find themselves stranded together, passions will ride high - and a snailish musician with a battery of hypnotic instruments and a sea of strangely irresistible slime at his command certainly won't help to defuse things!

Contains: Blowjob, anal sex, mind control elements, voice manipulation, stuck fetish. For adults only. Words: 8000!

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Friday, July 4, 2014



Johnathan Ashby had expected his college years to be a little looser, a little wilder, even if he himself wasn't particularly the wild type. Studying at a sleepy New England college, he was proving himself to be an excellent, if quiet, student - with one delicious secret. He dreams of, and longs for, powerful women dominating him, ordering him around! And the subject of all his fantasies recently have been his Calc 101 professor, the brilliant, busty Susan Birchwood. Little does he know that today? He's about to get everything he ever dreamed of - and much, much more. Can he handle the dirty secret of his university?
Contains femdom, humiliation, high heels and shoe play, collaring, and more! Words: Nearly 8000! 18+ Readers only.

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This is my second story collaboration with fellow writer T. Bell and the first in a new series to boot. Enjoy, and check out their back catalog too for more hot femdom fun!

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