Monday, March 31, 2014

Series Spotlight: LUST IN THE STARS

Part I: AN OWLISH KIDNAPPING is available for just $0.99 on the Amazon Kindle marketplace!

Eri is a meek, young college student with a dead-end job in the middle of interstellar nowhere, whose only refuge is his secret fantasies of sexual submission. But when he accidentally stows away on the personal vessel of Auren the Owl, the most ruthless pirate queen in his sector of the galaxy, his dreams become reality much too soon! Faced with a demanding domme and her treasure room of punishing machines, as well as human and alien crewmates just waiting to make him squirm, will the fresh-faced boy ever survive in one piece?

Lust in the Stars is my oldest and longest erotica series to date, arising out of a wish to write a different kind of femdom tale - one in which the sex was portrayed as loving and fun, in a personal response to the more pain & humiliation-flavored titles I saw crowding up the market. But don’t let that make you believe these stories are skimping on seriously kinky action! Spanking, genderfucking, bondage, orgasm denial, tickling, pegging, group sex, psychic sex and tentacles are only a fraction of the tastes catered to within. I’ve written six chapters totaling over 31,000 words of this spacey saga so far (collected in two discount omnibus volumes) and with your support, I plan to have more on the way!

OMNIBUS ONE contains:
Part I: An Owlish Kidnapping
Part II: The Edge of Sanity
Part III: Surviving Weaponized Edging

OMNIBUS TWO contains:
Part IV: Eri’s Ticklish Trials
Part V: The Twin Suns
Part VI: Domme Versus Domme

Read an excerpt from Part I under the jump!

Eri simply didn’t know how to feel. Cute? Even in university, he could barely recall anyone calling him cute before. And now a pirate, a criminal who he had just met and whose first reaction was to punch him and lock him in a collar was calling him cute? It was too much. The woman sighed in the meanwhile, sensing his hesitation. “Yeah, maybe I was a little too rough on you earlier. Sorry kid, if you were a cop it wouldn’t matter how cute you were. Just taking precautions is all. Here.” She grabbed the tatters of his jumper to wipe off the blood that was left on him. Eri wobbled on his knees and bit his lip as the mysterious pirate touched the crisp fabric to his nose, then his lips, then his neck, moving down to his chest…moving ever faster further down still…

“Oh, no fucking way!”

Eri nearly jumped two feet in the air, suddenly remembering how very nearly naked he was. Jumping and kneeling proved incompatible, however, and he only ended up flopping on his side before a tug of the leash interrupted his fall and again sent him flat on his back. He glanced forward. There, staring back at him, stretching his boxers taut, was the most dramatic, obvious boner he had ever experienced in his life. It was unmistakable.

Embarrassed beyond belief, Eri could only flail and sputter as the pirate wordlessly took hold of his shoulders and pushed him flat to the ground. Her eye glowered straight down at him as his limbs, now covered by the folds of her cloak, fidgeted helplessly under her. Finally she spoke, crisply pronouncing each word with barely audible intensity:

“Have you been turned on this – entire – time?”

“Oh god, I – I – sorry I – I – “

“What exactly do you find exciting about this, boy? First time having a lady rough you up?” She crooked two fingers inside his collar and tugged.

“Please, I – I wasn’t thinking, it just – “

Stripping the leather glove from her hand with her teeth, he ran her bare fingers right up to his lips and pressed.“Shhhhhh.” Eri went still. “I think there might be a place for you on this ship after all. Kiss, boy.”

His pulse quickening, Eri embraced the warm fingertips with his lips only for them to slide through past one knuckle, then another, curling teasingly against his tongue. Going with the flow, he licked back appreciatively in response and she bit down on her lip, her stare growing hungrier. So entranced was Eri by her taste that his composure finally broke – his hips bucking against the fabric of his shorts and her cloak, he impulsively lifted his free hand to her occupied one and guided her fingers in down to the hilt, giving a long moan as he sucked and lapped at them in earnest. Watching this poor young thing - his trim, bookish face upended by blushes and tangled hair and the puffiness surrounding a slightly black eye – writhe and indulge himself like a slut and letting absolutely shameless noises escape from his lips…it all understandably proved quite entertaining for the pirate queen, and she thrust her fingers out and back in just to toy with him some more. God, she thought to herself.

As the pounding of Eri’s heart drowned out the rest of the world, the woman finally slid out of him. Her blue fingernails glistened wet in the low light of the room, and Eri instinctively leaned his head forward to follow. She caught his tongue between her two fingers and stroked its tip insistently with her thumb, earning an eager low purr out of her stowaway. “Good boy.” Her slick fingers traveled down to meet the stiffening points on his chest…

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