Monday, July 14, 2014


Johnathan Ashby has stumbled onto one incredible secret of his college - a circle of teachers who take in and train eager students in the art and pleasures of being dominated by a woman! His first encounter taking place with his Calculus professor, who inducted him in as their freshest recruit, gave him his first lesson, and outfitted him with the collar he’d be wearing as he tried to pass all of his new classes in submission. Today brings him to the gymnasium of 6’3, musclebound gym teacher and coach Mayumi Hayashi, who’s there to give him the stamina he’ll need to withstand the punishments of ever teacher ahead of him - while teaching him a few lessons of his own! Can John withstand the workout of a lifetime from such a powerful woman…?

Featuring femdom, bondage, workout exhaustion, humiliation, sports uniforms, muscle worship, spanking, and so much more, and clocking in at over 10 thousand words of reading, this is sure to satisfy those who like to be, or like to see, boys getting bossed around and then some!

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“Well, that’s another game lost without so much as a single point… which means it’s time for another punishment game! Susie – could you be a dear and grab me some jump ropes from the office?”

“Why don’t you do it, Mayumi?” She asked, snapping a few more photos of the wheezing submissive boy on the court.

“’Cuz this boy’s got some tribute to pay first.”

“Oooooooh,” Susan cooed, then laughed, hauling up from the bleachers again and giving Johnny another slap on the ass, making all the fading pain come back to life immediately. “Have fun with that, kid.” And then she promptly disappeared into Mayumi’s personal office. Generally underused, as she tried to spend as much time in the actual gym as possible.

“See these, kiddo?” she said to him, wrenching his head in the vicegrip of her elbow. “These muscles of mine? They don’t come easy, you know. I’ve spent my whole life getting ‘em into shape, and I still think there’s room for improvement. You like ‘em, don’t you?”

John did, and with his erection pressed hard against the loose fabric of his shorts, he knew he couldn’t hide it. Being so malleable to her, so easy for her to toy with, something for her to cradle and squeeze - her body was a testament to the limits of his own. That fact was what made Mayumi so very intimidating – and so very irresistible.

“Come on, you little designated catcher, give ‘em a little kiss. Taste these big fuckin’ guns of mine.” And with her free hand, she pressed his lips right to the steely muscle, noting with delight how his hips bucked against the air when he did. Feeling the iron strength that lurked beneath the skin like never before, flavored by only the barest hint of sweat… it was intoxicating, being privileged enough to touch the very seat of her powers like this, and it only scrambled his subby, hormone-addled mind even more. Kissing and licking all the way from her bicep to her bare underarm, held to worship, thanking her muscles for doing such an excellent job of humiliating him.

“Heh, that’ll keep him busy. Susie, bring ‘em over!”

“You’re so impatient,” her close friend shot back, gathering up a mass of jump ropes in her arms as she came back out into the gym. “Did you even read any of the pages of that rope knot book I gave you?”

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