Sunday, July 27, 2014


Collecting the first three stories of the college femdom sensation, Schooled in Submission tells the ongoing story of Johnathan Ashby, who, by chance, stumbles upon his university’s naughtiest secret - a ring of the female teachers run a secret club of dominating eager submissive students, and giving them extracurricular lessons of their own! Learning a new lesson from each teacher, Johnny hopes to eventually meet the dean herself… but first he has to pass all his other classes! In volume 1, he gets heels driven into him by his calculus professors, sweat into an exhaustion and tied up proper by his gym coach, and given a trip to a sado/masochist paradise from, of all people, his home economics teacher!

Featuing over 25 thousand words of red hot femdom stories, including high heels, bondage, pegging, spanking, uniforms, humiliation, waxplay, and the hottest dommy college professors to do it all!

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