Friday, July 11, 2014

New Bundle! THE PRETTYBOY MAGE: Parts I-III Collection

Cover illustration - T. Alba

In the Eight Octants, magic and monsters reign supreme. And through them wanders Ashley Cherveni, a curious redheaded young man with a grumpy feline familiar by his side - on a quest both to learn the secrets of the land, and to outrun his past. Oh, and also to get himself tied up, hypnotized into submission and screwed senseless by every powerful, exotic creature he meets along the way!

This discount bundle collects three previously published chapters in the series, featuring over 20,000 words' worth of shifters, slime, dragons, tentacles, bondage, knotting and more! For adults only. Read an excerpt under the jump!

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“I have earned my pride, boy,” Kavé continued, the air around Ashley’s head getting noticeably warm. “It is not in my family’s habit to just squat and lay for another. Though I’m sure you’d like to try, wouldn’t you? You have come all this way…yes, I suppose that shows some effort, doesn’t it? It would be a shame if such an industrious boy went unrewarded.” And then a flash and a puff of smoke at the boy’s neck, just hot enough to remind him of the power that held him in its thrall. Powerful, indeed – enticingly so.

“Why, we’ll see, Sir. I’ve met more than a few sworn creatures of habit in my time – and let’s just say I proved quite the interruption.”

“So it’s ‘Sir’ all of a sudden? Don’t take me for a fool, boy. I know you’re just playing at respect.” And just to illustrate the point, those sharp ebony talons came swooping down to shred the cloth top he wore, scratching his skin and exposing his smooth, lean chest to the elements. “Think you’re a clever one, eh? Maybe you’ll be quicker to hold your tongue when I roast you.”

“Why, maybe I will. Guess we’ll have to find out , won’t we?” But before he could finish the sentence, the claw at his wrist grabbed his ponytail instead, and pushed him hard to his knees.

“Enough mouthing off, college boy. Show me if you truly respect your elders.”

Ah, so that was how this dragon liked it – rough, quiet and flattering. Ashley knew he could at least do the first and the third, respectively. His hands, pale and soft with fingernails painted his favorite color, a deep violet, went searching across the seat of the beast’s trousers, discovering the sizable shapes underneath. Still unsure what to expect after the ordeal with the last boy – maybe seeing would really be believing. Down went the zipper, and wide went his eyes. A cock quite befitting of Kavé’s proud nature – a fat knot slimming just barely to a tapered tip, ridged and lined with a row of fleshy fringes on the underside of the shaft. An eye-catching light green in color and surging with heat, in spite of its owner’s cold-blooded appearance and attitude. Oh, and oozing wet already. He’d missed that with the gem boy. Just a few light licks – he played up the whole reluctant act, having a good guess as to this head’s preferences – and it came flowing out in earnest, dripping over his skirt and his thighs and nearly sizzling on the skin with how hot with anticipation the boy really was...

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  1. Oooh - just snagged the first book from Amazon this morning. If it's half as good as I hope, I'll definitely grab the collection.