Friday, July 4, 2014



Johnathan Ashby had expected his college years to be a little looser, a little wilder, even if he himself wasn't particularly the wild type. Studying at a sleepy New England college, he was proving himself to be an excellent, if quiet, student - with one delicious secret. He dreams of, and longs for, powerful women dominating him, ordering him around! And the subject of all his fantasies recently have been his Calc 101 professor, the brilliant, busty Susan Birchwood. Little does he know that today? He's about to get everything he ever dreamed of - and much, much more. Can he handle the dirty secret of his university?
Contains femdom, humiliation, high heels and shoe play, collaring, and more! Words: Nearly 8000! 18+ Readers only.

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This is my second story collaboration with fellow writer T. Bell and the first in a new series to boot. Enjoy, and check out their back catalog too for more hot femdom fun!

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