Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Johnathan Ashby has been initiated into the secret club of his college - where it is revealed that a horde of the women on the staff are actually deeply, deeply into dominating their students and giving them an extra curricular course in how to be the perfect pet! At his third lesson, Johnny is introduced to the person who may be the most sadistic of the teachers, but you wouldn't be able to tell - short, curvy, mature, and utterly cheerful Paula Prindy, home economics teacher, who is full of of love and care and cheer. But as Johnny is about to find out, she's also fond of hearing cute students squeal and beg for more pain! Can he hold out, and learn to love the pain enough to pass his hardest class yet?

Contains femdom, BDSM, waxplay, spanking, humiliation, and much more! Words: Over 11 thousand! 18+ Readers only.

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