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Deep in the bowels of an uncharted planet, an alien menace lies in wait. A race of psychic, chambered creatures who feed in a manner most intruiging...a process which the first unsuspecting student researchers to find them experience as nothing less than intense, overwhelming tickle torture! Whom among them will survive the onslaught of slippery, bristly, maddening tentacles against their senstive flesh? And what happens when such a specimen gets brought back for use in utterly fiendish tickle experiments on helpless human subjects?

In this new installment, Isobel's alien experiment has hit a little snag - the Aramiddan tentacle beast in her care isn't "feeding" off her hapless assistant Kim as well as it used to. There's only one cure: bringing some old friends back to the fore for an explosive, all-out tickle orgy that will leave them all screaming for mercy! Features bondage, tickle torture, tentacles, orgasm denial, living clothes, oral sex and light mind control elements. Strictly for mature audiences! 7500+ words. Read an excerpt under the cut!

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Cover Illustration: Egg

“Yes, yes, that’s enough,” Isobel broke in, pushing her glasses further up the bridge of her nose. “We all have our memories. In any case, it’s not just for a tearful reunion that I’ve gathered you all today. The poor thing’s been going hungry lately despite my best efforts, and I’m not sure why.”

“Maybe your new guy just can’t handle it.” Felix stepped forward, breaking his silence, and took a step so close to Kim that their bare chests were almost touching. He was a hair taller and a few years older than the undergrad, though his voice was in about the same range, and he took his time sizing him up. “I’ve heard your professor’s been getting some good work out of you, but this is the real thing we’re dealing with now. Once our friend here gets going – and believe me, they’ll get going – there’s no emergency brake like there is for that suit.”

“Yeah, and what’s wrong with the suit?”

“Ain’t the full experience, buddy. The suit can’t death grip your joints and bend you any way it wants to get you where you’re weakest. The suit ain’t gonna grow itself any custom made little feelers to experiment on you with. The suit’s not ever gonna slide a tentacle down your throat and let a whole pint of nectar start gushing…”

“What, you think I’m soft? Is that it?”

“Heh. Just trying not to sugarcoat what you’re in for. They’re gonna attack every single inch of you, and you just have to laugh your heart out until it decides that it’s full. The question is, can a little guy like you take it?” He poked a finger between Kim’s pecs, testing him.

“Felix!” said Jun, “Don’t scare the poor kid!”

“Yeah,” added Claude, “I’d be more worried about yourself if I was you. Those tentacles are gonna be on you like flies on fruit what with all that blue stuff you’ve been guzzling down at every opportunity...”

“Hmph! They can do their worst, I’m prepared.” And he walked over to the pool’s edge to feel the alien’s exterior, letting the sweet memories of his fateful expedition wash over him. Kim turned to Isobel, a bit perplexed by the other boy’s braggadocio.

“Geez, what’s his problem?”

“It’s the tickle thirst, I’m afraid. It’s real. Poor Felix, he’s…changed a bit. Say, we should probably get started, shouldn’t we?...”

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