Saturday, May 17, 2014



Eri is a meek young college student with a dead-end job in the interstellar middle of nowhere, whose only escape are his secret fantasies of sexual submission. But when he accidentally stows away on the personal vessel of Auren the Owl, the most ruthless pirate queen in his sector of the galaxy, his dreams become reality much too soon! Faced with a demanding domme and her treasure room of punishing machines, as well as rival pirates who just want to see him break, will the fresh-faced boy ever survive in one piece?

By popular demand, this bundle collects the first six previously published chapters of the series, plus the prequel side story ZERO-G LOVE - a total of nearly 45,000 words - under one discount price! If you count yourself a fan of female domination, bondage, orgasm denial, strap-on sex, tentacles, tickling, or wild alien-human orgies, you won't want to give this a miss. Contains F/M, M/M and F/F content. Strictly for mature readers.

Buy this collection for your Kindle, phone or computer for $4.99 on Amazon!

Read chapter 1 for free on my Tumblr blog!

Cover illustration: T. Alba

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