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If you missed out on the first installment, never fear - I've gone and updated it with new cover art and a new reduced price of $0.99!

The cruel campus vampire Christine is having problems with her new servant boy Florian. He's a hopeless, pretentious freshman dork who bungles her every order...and even turning him into a vampire himself doesn't help! When she sends him off to recruit a prettier, more competent helper, he disobeys and makes a beeline for the women's football team instead. But when he fumbles the sales pitch, the tables are turned, and Florian will find the demands of his new body pushed to the ultimate limit by a gang of insatiably rough, buff, tough-as-nails gridiron goddesses!

This 7,500+ word short story features humiliation, group female domination, hair pulling, face slapping and sitting, spanking, orgasm denial, pegging and more! Strictly for mature readers.

Read this title on your Kindle or web browser for just $2.99 on Amazon! 

Cover illustration by the enigmatic Ms. X. Read an excerpt after the cut:

“Nah. Ain’t no ordinary nerd got the heat in him to pull a stunt like this outta nowhere. Something’s up.” She paced back and forth, indifferent to the tears of embarrassment welling in the downtrodden boy’s eyes. “Wait. There’s still that girl he mentioned, Colleen or whatever…”

“Ha! What, you think this loser has a girlfriend? This your way of asking for a threesome, creep?” Gabby kicked Florian off and sent him rolling, and by the time he could stop coughing long enough to look up, the girls had him surrounded.

“It’s Christine…and she’s not really my girlfriend…” he squeaked out, curling up and shielding himself from the piercing gazes of the four gridiron goddesses who lorded over him.

“Then what is she, kid? Your babysitter?”

“She’s…my Mistress…”

All at once the taunting stopped, and a loud chorus of "oooooooh’s" rang out above his head.

“Oh ho ho! Now things are getting juicy!”

“What’s the matter, kid? Guess your mommy didn’t spank you hard enough?”

“Ja, and now he wants us to finish the job!”

Oh shit. Oh shit. He hadn’t really let that detail slip, had he? The airs he had put on finally dispelling, Florian entered full panic mode. He had to get out of here, and fast. But these females were stronger and more intimidating up close than any he’d ever seen before…there was simply no chance an ordinary freshman like him could ever escape!

But wait, he thought. He wasn’t an ordinary freshman. He had an ace in the hole - or perhaps the crypt. Summoning all the supernatural strength that Christine had imbued him with, he reared up, unsheathed his fangs, and launched himself straight at Zoe’s leg…Where he promptly chipped a fang. “Ew, the kid’s a biter, too? Gross.”

Florian fell back to the ground in an even more awkward position, thwarted by a thunder thigh. Damn, was she that strong…or were his powers that weak? Before he could give much pondering to the question, though, the quarterback pulled him up by the roots of his hair and boxed his head tight, sandwiching his cheeks in the vice of her powerful legs and leaving him sputtering. Other than their helmets, the girls had been playing in their casual clothes, and the helpless boy was too aware that only a thin layer of denim stood between his face and two slabs of hot, bare, iron-tough muscle – muscle that had had its way with much stronger opponents than him. And with his Mistress nowhere to be seen, he was helpless, absolutely helpless, against them.

“Tsk, tsk, freshie. Don’cha know that’s a personal foul?” And as if to make the point even more blindingly clear, Zoe gave him a taste of just a tiny flex of her quads. Time slowed to a crawl, and he could feel the impulse ripple down, inch by inch, against his head – until the cascade reached the frames of his glasses, and they bent and snapped into pieces onto the ground below. Florian’s life started flashing before his eyes, and he felt for sure that it would end with him being kicked through the goalposts. “So, girls? Whaddaya want to do with him?”

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