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Christine Beauvais has everything a haughty college jock girl could want. Looks, talent, fame, and strange vampiric powers as well! There's only one thorn in her side - her secret admirer, the desipicably dorky Florian Rother. Yes, he wants her beauty for his very own...but when the tables are turned, he ends up as her servant instead! Will he ever manage to please this cold Mistress of his, or will every other campus gal of a dominant persuasion manage to get their digs on him first?

Finally at her wits end with Florian's incompetence as a servant, Christine seeks help from an unexpected source - none other than her dear and distinguished mother, who advises her to take drastic measures in order to humiliate the nerd into shape. But when the frat boy she chooses for the job turns out to be a dud and the whole plot falls apart, it's up to a rich, curvy, dominant bombshell of a vampire queen to pick up the pieces! Will a little motherly love finally put Florian in his place? Contains femdom, mind control elements, and bi MMF threesome. Nearly 8000 words, for adults only!

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Cover illustrations: The mysterious Ms. X

Florian was horribly confused. “Who are you?”

“Didn’t you hear your Mistress? I’m just a poor, unappreciated mother is all. You wouldn’t mind if I let myself in, would you?”

“Er…I guess n-“

“Why thank you, dear.” The figure floated in through the window and landed with a click of her heels onto the dorm room floor. She looked to be an older sort, and wore a modest black v-neck dress to matcher her hat and her fashionable bat’s wing-styled sunglasses. A little more modest and travel-friendly than the things she usually wore, but it was no matter - her figure always commanded far more attention than did her fashion sense. Tall and perfectly plump, hips sturdy enough to survive an earthquake, and as ghostly pale as her daughter. Her body had been preserved forever at its ripest and fullest, and she knew it. “Miss Fran-swaw Boo-vay, pleasure to make your acquaintance. You must be the boy who whose been giving my daughter so much trouble, hmm?”

Pushing her shades down the bridge of her nose to get a better view, she finally cast an unrestricted gaze on Florian – who promptly froze and withered under it. Beneath her inviting looks and her soft, yet icy voice there lay a faint but definite aura of something darker, something which most men and women alike that she met found frightening and yet enticing all the same. From head to toe she scanned him, taking all of him in at her leisure. Finding a short, scrawny freshman in an old-fashioned suit and pocketwatch, flowers still in hand, thin ful vue spectacles peering out from the neat mop of brown hair. His judgement was at hand…

“Strange. You look like such a nice young man.”

Florian wasn’t expecting such a kind verdict, and all of a sudden felt quite foolish indeed for getting such a cold sweat underneath his tie. “Oh! Wh-why thank you, Madam!”

“Certainly not the type I would have expected her to sire, however,” she continued on, shooting him a knowing smirk. “Now tell me, what’s all this friction between you and her? Says you’ve got a little crush, is that true?”

So he was still under the floodlights after all. Had there been any blood in his body, he would have blushed red enough to be visible the next dorm over. “Well now, I think that’s a little...I just try to act with some degree of class, unlike all the other males here. Why, just look at that specimen, whoever he might be! He’s a more typical sort.” He pointed an accusing finger at Shayde, who was still dedicatedly checking what was left of his phone on the bed, mentally triangulating which brand of fajita beef-flavored potato chips would go best with his homemade Baja Brew and completely unaware of the strange happenings unfolding before him.

“I can’t help it if a proper gentleman isn’t to her taste.”

“Ah, so that’s the bull, huh?”


“Oh, nothing. But that is something…a proper gentleman, huh? I suppose it’s admirable, but…” Her heels made clicking noises against the dorm tile, stepping forward until the petrified boy was staring face to face with her chest. A clock ticking down to Florian’s execution. “It takes more than a fancy set of duds to be one of those, darling. You’ve gotta walk the walk, too. And do you?”

It was a loaded question even without the…attractive…sight staring him square in the eye, and he gulped. “Of…of course! I’m only looking to hearken to the values of a simpler time. The days when men were men,” he said defiantly, puffing out his chest.

It was his trump card, but Francoise only laughed – a delightful, airy laugh that pierced him through and through nonetheless. “Oh, is that it? Well isn’t that something. I just happen to remember those days very well…” Out came the fangs, not that her nature was any particular secret what with the floating and being Christine’s mother and all. “I was there, of course. Probably met my share of those classy folks you idolize. And you know what they did in their spare time, when they weren’t busy looking all stern and manlyfor the camera?”

“Y-yes, Madam?” Her hand was on him now, painted nails raking up his neck. Taking hold of his chin and pulling him to tiptoes.

“They went begging at my feet like everyone else.”

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